Alcohol Ink Beach on a Shiplap Tumbler

Hello ProcrasCreators! In the last post, I demonstrated how to paint a shiplap design on your tumbler. Today we are going to take it a step further by adding a beach or ocean scene to the bottom of the shiplap tumbler. I know that you are just as excited as I am so let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s get started!

You will need the following to complete this project from the beginning:

Once you have caught up with us by completing the shiplap steps it is time to mix and add the epoxy. I use Amazing Clear Cast which is a 1:1 mix. For this project I used a total of about 10ml (5 ml each side). Place the tumbler on your cup turner and add a thick coat of epoxy.

Now add your inks. I used three different colors of blue (Ranger) and white (Pinata). I started with the darkest color at the bottom and added the other two colors additional colors.

All colors were added to a little below the halfway point of the tumbler. To give the appearance of foamy wave the white alcohol ink was dropped in varies places.

At this point, applied a little heat using my heat gun for only a few seconds.

Pick up your turner and allow gravity to work. Shift it towards the top and the bottom of the tumbler. This is one of the most important steps. The shift of your tumbler moves your alcohol ink around, giving the tumbler the overall look of an ocean. Do not let the alcohol inks run all the way to the top of the tumbler. I would stay less than 60% so that your shiplap still has time to shine.

The tumbler should stay on the turner for at least 14 hours to give the epoxy time to cure. Clean up the inside of the tumbler removing any rouge epoxy with a razor blade, wash and use. You did it!!!