Make Your Own T-Shirt with a Cricut and Easy Press

Hello ProcrasCreators!! Now that you have joined the Cricut family (Welcome) let’s put that machine to use. One of the first ways you can use it is by making your own T-shirt. You can make them for your kids, friends, your business or yourself. It is a quick and simple project, so let’s get started….

Industrial Pipe Shelving

This project added a great look to my ProcrasCreation DIY space. I was actually using the pipe to add legs to my door desk and had some leftover pipes and decided I would use them to make shelving above my upcycled bookshelves (See that project here  I needed the following items to complete this project….

Redoing Particle Board Bookshelves

ProcrasCreationDIY is upcycling two particle board bookshelves into to one much more expensive looking piece by adding trim and fabric to the back panel.

Reupholstering an Antique Rocking Chair (Part 1)

My latest procrascreation started on a whim. I am in the process of having a house built and was going by to see the progress when I spotted a secondhand store.  While there, I found this chair. It was love at first sight, so I started texting people to see if anyone knew of someone who…