Print to Cut Vinyl – How Long Does it Last?

If you are considering making shirts and are researching some of the materials that you can use to start the process, I’m sure that you have come across the print to cut option. This option allows you to put pictures on a shirt, among other things. When making an informed decision most people also want to know how long will this stuff last. Surely you do not want to purchased a bunch of materials only to find that it does not hold up well.

In a recent YouTube video I share a few shirts that I have made back in January 2019 and show how they are holding up in September 2020. As you can see in this one example the difference is drastic.

The shirt above is about a year and nine months old. The manufacturer’s package notes that printable heat transfer (print and cut) material last for about 50 washes. In addition, the packaging notes that if you wash the item inside out in cold water on the gentle cycle you will have longer-lasting results.

If you are interested in this material I normally use Silhouette’s Printable Heat Transfer paper dark ( I have also used Print Works ( This is an inexpensive option and a good way to start making t-shirts.

If you are looking for something that will last longer, you may want to look into sublimation or DTG. These printers infuse the ink to the fibers of the shirt and will last the life of the shirt. I have recently purchased a sublimation printer from Heat Press Nation ( and will give you updates as I start to produce products.

For more examples of print to cut life spans watch this video…

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