How to Paint a Shiplap Wood Grain Tumbler

Welcome to ProcrasCreationDIY. Today we are painting a shiplap pattern on stainless steel tumblers. If that is not exciting enough, we are adding a beach or ocean scene to the bottom of the tumbler in my next post. Both effects are created with alcohol inks. I am using a mixture on Pinata and Range alcohol inks.

To start this project you will need the following items:

The first thing you will need to do to prep your stainless steel tumbler. To do this, clean it by using your isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel. If there is any gummy residue from the label you can also use a razor blade to remove any build up. Once the tumbler is clean ensure that it is dust/particle free.

After you have cleaned the tumbler you will need to cover it with a base coat of white spray paint. I normally use one of the 2X Rustoleum flat white or matte white sprays. You may need to do 2-3 coats for an even base.

While your base coat is drying, you can start cutting your tape (electrical, painters, etc.) into varying lengths. I normally use the 3/4 size but of course you can use whatever size fits your project or is readily available.

Once the base coat is dry, place the strips around the tumbler. Start this process by placing the tape 1/8 of an inch from the top of the tumbler and slowly apply the tape as evenly as possible. You want to ensure that you are staggering the tape seams, just a wood floor would have staggered seams.

For the grout you can either use alcohol ink or use spray paint. Choose a color for the grout that will compliment the alcohol inks that you plan to use. If you choose to use spray paint, 1-2 coats would be appropriate for this step. If you choose to use alcohol ink, apply the ink to the open grout seams, let dry and add a clear gaze or sealant.

Now you can remove the strips of electrical tape.

For the next step you will brush on the alcohol ink. This should not be coated perfectly even. Have fun with it. You will find that you can make areas darker or lighter depending upon the amount of alcohol ink used and the amount of brush strokes.

To finish off the look you will take you sharpie and add dots to the end of each board, giving it a rivets effect.

That is part one of this project. As stated above, we will ad a beach scene in part two.

Enjoy the Time-lapse of the process

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