How to Paint a Wood Grain Tumbler with Alcohol Inks

Today we are going to learn the steps required to make a beautiful faux wood grain tumbler. It is much easier than you are probably imaging right now. Before we get started you will need to gather a few things. I have compiled this list along with my associated affiliate link so you can get everything in one spot and be ready to create a beautiful wood grain tumbler.

Once you have all of your supplies, your first step is to wipe down your tumbler with the 91% alcohol.

After you have clean the tumbler and ensured that it is free of dust and particles, spray paint the tumbler until there is an even coat of white paint.

Spray Paint Your Tumbler
Three Coats of Spray Paint

Once you have an even coat, prepare the rest of your supplies. You will need a small cup of 91% isopropyl alcohol, a couple of paper towels and your make up brushes. I normally use two to three different size brushes. Dip your brush into the alcohol and wipe off the excess onto your paper towel.

Dip Your Brush in the Alcohol
Remove Excess of Alcohol

I will also use a foam brush to use apply the initial coat of alcohol ink. Add 3-4 drops of two different brown toned alcohol inks directly yo your brush. Apply the ink by making straight lines around the entire tumbler.

Add a few drops of each color
Apply in around entire tumbler
Tumbler has a complete coat

When you get to this point you have a choice. you can stop here and add clear coat and epoxy or you can make a knot. If you wish to make a knot you will need to select a smaller brush.

Grab a smaller brush to make a knot

Decide where you would like for your knot to be located and begin moving the ink around to the desired knot shape. (If these instructions ever get confusing, jump to the bottom of this post and watch the YouTube video that demonstrates the process.)

Push the Ink to form a knot

You will continue to do this, adding ink as you create new rings.

Add as many or few rings as you want

Once you have completed your knot you can choose to make additional knots or seal the tumbler. To be honest this is a step that I sometimes skip, hence no photo for sealing the tumbler. Please note that best practice is to seal in the ink. You can do this by spraying it with Krylon Clear Coat. After this step you could apply epoxy and a decal.

Watch this YouTube video to help you even more.

Watch Create and Share

I would love to see your creations. Please share your comments, questions, projects and request below in the comment section.

Until next time, peace to you! See you soon.

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