Can You Cut Vinyl Without a Mat on Cricut Maker?

As I was checking my social media outlets I came across this question on someone else’s post, “Can you cut vinyl on a Cricut without a mat?” It was a good question and I wanted to find out the answer. So I did a little experiment and I have listed my steps and my results.

The first thing that did was line up the 651 vinyl ( underneath the plastic guides and the rollers. I was concerned about two things. The first was that my vinyl is stored in IKEA trash bag holders ( and the vinyl kept curling up. The second was how soft flexible the vinyl I chose was. I was thinking a thicker, stiffer piece may do better but I tried it anyway.

Cricut Pulls in Vinyl

What I didi not expect was for the vinyl to pull to one side. I loaded and unloaded the vinyl several times to get it as straight as possible. The vinyl in this case was pulling to the left. I am not sure if this was because of the way I had it lined up, the pressure I had on the vinyl or some other reason.

After the vinyl was pulled in the Cricut made the cut. This actually stirred up another concern for me. I was wondering whether the knife would cut through the vinyl and mark up my machine. I am glad to report that on the default setting, it did not.

Weeding the Vinyl

Once the cut was complete, I was able to weed the vinyl as normal.

Final Weed

The above photo shows the final cut. Due to the machine pulling the vinyl to the left the second image was a little distorted. The first image was fine. I found it interesting that it cut some of the smaller details perfectly but the overall design was offset.

If you are a visual person and the pictures in this post was not enough, I have posted a video of the process below. If you decide to give this a try post your results so that we can see.

YouTube Cut Vinyl Without a Mat Video

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