Industrial Pipe Shelving

This project added a great look to my ProcrasCreation DIY space. I was actually using the pipe to add legs to my door desk and had some leftover pipes and decided I would use them to make shelving above my upcycled bookshelves (See that project here

 I needed the following items to complete this project. You can click on the relate links to buy these items from Amazon:

The first thing that I did was paint the shelves. I started with white chalk paint and then I decided I wanted them darker so I used gray. To give the board a distressed aged look, I sanded them and randomly added some of my wall color.Distressed Board

From there I started on the pipe and fittings. I had to scrape off all of the stickers and clean the pipes with the Goo Gone.

Scraping the Pipes

After all of the pipes were cleaned, I added white and green painted to each pipe and pipe fitting creating the aged look.


The pipes were then screwed into the wall, ensuring that we used studs because the 2×4 boards were heavy. And here is the finished look…Industrial Pipe Shelving

I love these shelves!!! If you do too and want to see the step by step process on video, click here

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