No Sew Bench Cushion

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Since the last time we met I have completed two projects, a dining room chair and a cushion for my cedar bench. Today I am going to share a little about the no-sew cushion. I needed the following items to complete this project.

  • Wood
  • 2″ Foam
  • Batting
  • Material
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Glue
  • Kitchen Knife

First, I went to my local hardware store and had a thin piece of wood cut to the size of the base of the bench. I went to buy foam at my local craft store only to find that it was $49.99 a yard. And you know I did NOT buy that! I had some 2″ foam at home that was a little short in length, so I purchased some adhesive spray to connect the two pieces.

Once I got home with my supplies, I cut the foam to the size of the board using my kitchen knife. I used the adhesive glue to attach the foam to the wood.  I cut a piece of fabric and batting to size and laid the board and foam on top of it. Then I attached the foam and batting to the wood board with the staple gun. The fabric was attached using a gift wrap method.

Ta-Da!! A No Sew Cushion

No-Sew Bench Cushion

The finish cushion. Please note I am still working on the bench.

No-Sew Bench Cushion Finished

If you are a visual learner, check out this video that documents the process.

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