Reupholstering an Antique Rocking Chair (Part 2)

Welcome back Procrascreators!!! Let’s jump right back into how this rocking chair was transformed into a beautiful piece that I can’t wait to add to my home.

After adding 2 coats of polyurethane, I attached jute webbing and burlap to the bottom of the seat. The springs were tied down with hemp. I originally tried jute string but it was not strong enough. The bottom of the springs was sown to the jute webbing and burlap.

Rocking chair springs tied down

Rocking Chair Jute Webbing

I had to redo the jute webbing (not shown). The videos I watched all stapled the webbing after it was folded onto the chair. I did not initally do that and the chair did not hold my weight. Once I folded it over, it held me.

Rocking Chair new burlap

I then added burlap to the top of the springs and the back of the chair.

Rocking Chair Foam Back

Seat with foam and cotton

From there I added foam, batting, and cotton to the bottom of the seat (1/2 inch foam was attached to the back of the chair and 2-inch foam to the seat).

Rocking Chair Batton Back


Batting was added to the front and back portions of the back of the seat.

The material was then added using the pictures I took when deconstructing the chair. I also added decorative trim to the seat and decorative tacks the back of the chair.


Rocking Chair finishedJPG

It turned out beautifully!!!! I am so excited that it turned out so well. I can’t wait to tackle my next procrascreationdiy project! I hope you enjoyed this.

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