Welcome ProcrasCreators!

This website is completely based on the projects that I start to occupy time when I am procrastinating. I have a demanding job that requires long hours and a need for work to be completed at home. In addition, I am in school completing a doctoral program.  ProcrasCreation has helped furnish and decorate my home while allowing me some downtime from my hectic work and school schedule. Even this post was written during an eight-hour ride home after visiting my son in college, time that could be have been better spent on my dissertation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these creations or recreations. Please don’t judge me. I am not an expert. I might not use the correct terminology or tools, but I get the job done. Normally my process includes thinking of what I “should” be doing, being distracted by something I want or curious about, trying to find someone to fix it, watching a few videos and deciding to do it myself. If you have questions or advice please leave a comment and I will get back to you during one of my future ProcrasCreation sessions.

Happy ProcrasCreating!



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